January 2009 - Light Rail, New Bed, Fun!!!

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  2009-01-01 14:32:02
Waiting for the train
2009-01-01 14:32:08
Waiting for the train
2009-01-01 14:32:32
Is it here yet?

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  2009-01-04 20:19:30
New Bed!!!! Let me pose for you!
2009-01-04 20:19:36
This is the best gift ever!
2009-01-04 20:19:46
Look! I can get in and out on my own!
2009-01-04 20:20:22
Dad finally getting to put sheets on the bed.
2009-01-04 20:20:52
Are you done yet daddy?
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  2009-01-04 20:20:58
Ahhhh.. this is comfy.
2009-01-04 20:21:58
New Bed!!!!
2009-01-04 20:22:04
Yep, I can get out on my own now.
2009-01-04 20:33:18
It's so big that all my stuffed toys can fit with me!
2009-01-04 20:33:44
New Bed!!!!

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  2009-01-06 18:37:56
Taking a break from feeding the "baby" to play with the pounding toy.
2009-01-06 18:38:08
The new bed!
2009-01-06 18:38:20
Corner of room
2009-01-06 18:38:34
Webcam corner (yes, I know the wiring needs to be cleaned up)
2009-01-06 18:44:36
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  2009-01-06 18:47:16
Mom and Ayla sitting on the bed
2009-01-06 18:48:22
Need more monkeys!!!
2009-01-06 18:48:32
Ayla likes her monkeys.
2009-01-06 18:48:42
2009-01-06 20:09:40
Shouldn't I be in bed already?

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  2009-01-05 18:19:36
This magazine is interesting...
2009-01-05 18:19:48
Linux Journal is cool!

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  2009-01-19 11:19:24
This Phx Zoo straw is complicated
2009-01-19 11:19:40
I think I've almost got it
2009-01-19 11:33:44
Do I look outdoorsy enough yet?
2009-01-19 11:34:12
There's a goofy guy trying to hold my hand
2009-01-19 11:39:04
Hi Mr Goat!
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  2009-01-19 11:39:12
He's not as soft as he looks
2009-01-19 11:40:14
He likes me!
2009-01-19 11:43:12
This one's friendly too
2009-01-19 11:43:18
Smile for the camera!
2009-01-19 11:44:12
Hugging baby's makes people happy
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  2009-01-19 11:44:22
Ready to go after the hug
2009-01-19 11:44:34
This is my hat...
2009-01-19 11:45:46
I'm big enough to reach all the way across!
2009-01-19 11:47:08
I made it!
2009-01-19 11:48:22
Are you my friend too?
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  2009-01-19 11:50:18
Balancing on an invisible log
2009-01-19 11:51:22
Chatting with a new friend
2009-01-19 11:55:54
What are you looking at?
2009-01-19 11:59:40
More climbing...
2009-01-19 11:59:54
Is that the 'up' or 'down'?
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  2009-01-19 12:02:22
I can climb walls now?
2009-01-19 12:05:24
Thanks for helping me down.
2009-01-19 12:14:28
Wow! That's big!
2009-01-19 12:14:38
This thing is HUGE
2009-01-19 12:14:46
Are you sure you know how to drive that thing?
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  2009-01-19 12:14:54
I don't think you're doing it right.
2009-01-19 12:15:36
Are you done yet?
2009-01-19 12:15:58
Woah.. it's breezy up here
2009-01-19 12:16:14
Whatcha doin' over there?
2009-01-19 12:16:30
Is it really as fun as it looks?
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  2009-01-19 12:16:40
It really looks like fun.
2009-01-19 12:16:56
That looks really high
2009-01-19 12:17:14
Here. let me shift for you.

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  2009-01-20 07:33:54
Leaving for daycare in denim and boots
2009-01-20 07:34:16
Do you got a problem with that?
2009-01-20 07:34:34
Ayla's cool boots!
2009-01-20 07:34:44
Wow am I thirsty...

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  2009-01-21 07:19:50
Ayla's high style leopard print boots.
2009-01-21 07:20:06
Leopard print accessories with real kitty print for comparison

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  2009-01-26 07:40:32
Got my ginger snap and sippy cup. Am I missing anything?
2009-01-26 07:40:36
Wow! Is that a tire?
2009-01-26 07:40:42
I can't get in.. my hands are full.
2009-01-26 07:41:38
If I climb in now, my dress might get wrinkled.
2009-01-26 07:41:42
I don't want to go in the car!
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  2009-01-26 07:41:52
..but I will smile for the camera.
2009-01-26 07:42:20
Okay.. I guess I can go.
2009-01-26 08:18:24
I made it.. now what do I do?
2009-01-26 08:18:30
Are you gone yet?