February 2009 - Fun at the Park

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  2009-02-01 14:15:20
Gotta look everything over first
2009-02-01 14:17:28
I wanna drive!
2009-02-01 14:19:04
2009-02-01 14:19:10
Hey! What's over there?
2009-02-01 14:21:18
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  2009-02-01 14:21:20
Where's the gas pedal?
2009-02-01 14:22:16
I still wanna drive that car.
2009-02-01 14:22:34
car, car, car
2009-02-01 14:23:48
Why do you think I'm not big enough for this one?
2009-02-01 14:24:02
See.. I can do this just fine.
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  2009-02-01 14:25:14
Princess on the swing
2009-02-01 14:32:02
Runnin' on the playground equipment
2009-02-01 14:37:38
I'm getting higher now!
2009-02-01 14:38:00
Woah.. slide..
2009-02-01 14:41:44
Defying gravity
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  2009-02-01 14:41:52
Gravity wins!
2009-02-01 14:43:00
I can climb this on my own now.
2009-02-01 14:43:08
Dad... quit looking so worried.
2009-02-01 14:43:14
I told you, I can do it myself.
2009-02-01_14:43:38.avi (YouTube)
Open movie 2009-02-01_14:43:38.avi
2009-02-01_14:44:50.avi (YouTube)
Open movie 2009-02-01_14:44:50.avi
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  2009-02-01 14:49:06
Looking at something really cool.. but not sure what.
2009-02-01 14:49:12
Mom.. I'm trying to look cool here.
2009-02-01 14:49:36
Don't look now, but I think I spotted dad with a camera.
2009-02-01 14:50:52
Now I get to drive?
2009-02-01 14:51:04
Hurry up! I'm ready to go!
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  2009-02-01 14:51:12
Wheee!!! I'm driving!
2009-02-01 14:54:30
How did I get back here?
2009-02-01 14:54:38
I'm supposed to be driving.
2009-02-01 14:55:32
Ha ha.. I'm gonna win!
2009-02-01 15:08:42
Am I there yet?