Ken's Wish list

It's always hard to figure out what to buy someone when it comes to those special occasions where gift giving is customary. So to provide a little help, here are some things that I'm interested in obtaining. Of course this list is also to remind myself about stuff I want to purchase. I will be sure to remove any items that no longer apply.
Description Store Wishlist
Technology: Computers, Electronics, etc...
NewEgg carries a lot of technology products at resonable prices. They sell everything from cell phones and game systems up to enterprise level servers. NewEgg wish list wish list
ThinkGeek wish list

Mini-ITX: Basically anything based on this form factor would be fun to play with.

Got Three!.. but still more systems to replace...
Checker Cube
Extreme Computing
1U Rackmount Servers: I've got too many tower systems that are taking up room around here. What I really need are some 1U rackmount systems that I can stick into my cabinet. Gigabyte
Penguin Computing
Twiddler2 USB: Chorded keyboard.

A combination keyboard and mouse that weighs 4 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. The Twiddler2 is an enabling technology of wearable computing.

Got One!...All Sold Out, no replacement being built at this time

Handykey Corporation
Places I Shop: Gift Certificates
Sewing: These are stores where I purchase sewing supplies.
Woodworking: These are places that have things that I would like to purchase. Lee Valley wish list
Garrett Wade wish list
Rockler wish list
Traditional Woodworker
  wish list
Toy's and Stuff...
·  Function: abbreviation; Etymology: BOards, Skates, Scooters & Bikes  ·

I'll take just about anything that this place has to sell! Of course I prefer the quieter human or electric powered items, but will gladly play with any of these toys!


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