Projects to work on...

These pages will list most of the various projects that we want to work on, and possibly links to other pages with information useful to the projects. Many of the projects will be related to the SCA, but not exclusively.

Originally, this was just supposed to be a set of pages to help remind ourselves of things we wanted to make, or things we just wanted to learn. It has since been brought to our attention that these pages can also be valuable to help others in making their camps more periodesque. Please let us know if we have helped you, or if you have suggestions for these pages. We would love to hear from you!

Lord Johann Friedrich (MKA: Ken Bowley)
Amphelisia Wynter (MKA: Joy Bowley)


We will add links as we find them. We are in no way affiliated with or recommend any of them (unless otherwise noted). The links are posted for information purposes only - we are not responsible for them, their information or their products. (So don't blame us!)