The Realm of Darkness
Phone Number: 623-907-2858 · Telnet: · SSH:

Network Addresses
FidoNet 1:114/485
BlueNet 7:77/302
ZeNet 92:602/102
LinuxNet 110:20/5

The Realm of Darkness is a single line BBS in Phoenix, AZ that has been around since at least 1993. The Realm of Darkness ran SuperBBS 1.17-3 under MS-DOS starting in 1993 and at some point in the late 1990's switched to running under dosemu on Linux. Sometime in 1999 or 2000 the system was switched over to MBSE for it's main BBS software running under Linux.

The Realm of Darkness (refered to as TRoD) is run solely on the SysOps own money, and the few donations that come in from it's regular users. It is in no way a commercial system. Here are the current stat's on TRoD:

Previous System

Old BBS Machine

Possible New BBS Machine! (someday)

I'm currently working on getting the new BBS machine ready to replace the old aging system. You can find more information on the new system on my Mini-ITX page.

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