Projects: Woodworking / Shaving Horse Project

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Here is my first ever shaving horse! I'm not really using any plans, but I have decided to use the Swiss Shaving Horse as a general guideline. I chose this style because of how easy it should be to take apart for transport.

I started out with a 12' 2"x12" board from the local home improvment store and cut it into two 5' sections and one 2' scrap. Since it already had a crack starting down the center on one end, I used that end for the scrap end. I cut the 2' section in 4 parts (more like one cut and let it fall apart at the crack) to use as extra support for the legs. My hopes for this is that it should help control any future cracking of the bench. I cut three holes in each leg support so that I could easily change the bench from a three legged to a four legged bench.

I had a section of 2x2 pine sitting in my garage, so it became the legs. Each leg is 18" in length, and then using a drawknife, I shaped it into the 8 sided finished shape. Due to the fact that I havn't built my lathe at this time, I roughed out the round tenon with the drawknife. I have learned that in order to make a shaving bench, you need a shaving bench. I ended out making a temporary bench with a sawhorse, some rope, and a block of wood.

Here are a couple shots of the legs set into the leg supports to show the different positions.

I had a nice straight piece of 2x6 sitting around the garage, so I decided to make that into the arm. I didn't have any wood that looked big enough for the head, so for now I'm going to just use another section of the 2x6 for the head. Some scrap 1x material will make the foot.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Tusday, March 16, 2004

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